Soy Wax

Soy wax is made from pure soybeans, from wide fields of soya bean crops. Soy wax is totally natural, being refined to different recipes for both container candles and pillar candles for a great finish and smooth surface. Soy wax is delivered in flake form, in a soft milky white.

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C3 / UniSoy
C3 Nature Wax is a pure soy alternativ..
Container Maker
Use our smart soy based formulation to..
EcoSoya CB - Advanced
Pour temperature recommended 70C Mel..
EcoSoya CB-135
CB-135 is made from pure 100% soybeans a..
EcoSoya CB-XceL
EcoSoya® CB-XceL? is 100% soy. Works ..
Fusion Soy & Paraffin Blend
Re-inventing para/soy! This smooth and..
GW464 / C-Soy
"I've tried other soy wax but I love you..
EcoSoya PB - Soy Wax for pillars
Makes silky smooth candles in a milky wh..
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