All the equipment you need, the tools of the trade - pots to create double saucepan for melting wax, wick bars, thermometers, wick scissors.

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Pillar Pins
These pins make wicking a pillar so easy..
10L Wax Melter
AVAILABLE BACK IN STOCK This melting pot..
10L Wax Melter Insert
Making life easier, and extra pot for a ..
Beaker 100ml
Useful for fragrances. 100ml capacity. ..
Beaker 200ml
Useful for fragrances. 200ml capacity. ..
Bees - pin to your candles!
Ultimate craft addition for your beeswax..
Blu Tack
Best mould sealer. ..
Candle Painting Medium 59ml
This Candle Painting Medium mixes with a..
Fold back clips - box of 12
Essential when using any 2 part mould. ..
Glue Dots
A most convenient dot for holding the ta..
Measuring Cylinder 50ml
Useful for fragrances. 50ml capacity. ..
Melt and Pour Set (3 Pieces)
This set is a combination of the 3 most ..
Melting Pot
This melting pot has a capacity of about..
Needles for wicking
A great for wicking silicon moulds. ..
Oil Burner Fitting
This glass fitting sits into the top of ..
Pouring Pot
Back in stock!!This melting pot has a ca..
Pouring Pot - small
Now in convenient 350 or 550ml. When ..
Capacity to 5kg, increments by 1gm. I..
Convenient sliding gauge for any height ..
Wick Bar - for glass
Clever device for holding the wick in th..
Wick Bar - for pillars
Clever device for holding the wick in th..
Wick Extinguisher
Simply push the wick into the wax, drown..
Wick Scissors - Silver
At last, wick trimmers to keep the wick ..
Wick Snuffer
Extinguishes your candles in a moment. ..
30ml Measure
Useful for fragrances with a 30ml capaci..
Warning Labels for Candles
Glossy white labels, circular 40mm (35 p..
Melt Container - 50ml
Convenient litle melt pots, simply p..
Melt Container - 70ml
Convenient litle melt pots, simply pou..
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