Water, Earth & Fire

From sea breezes to rain forests, dragons and more. For a strong scent these fragrances will take you back to restful places. The ocean, trekking through the forests, bamboo in the orient and the deep scent of patchouli. 

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Driftwood & Salt
Clean fresh notes of a salty shore.A hea..
Surf Side
Elements of the beach, the salt and the ..
Blue Spruce
Fragrance reminiscent of forests and Chr..
December Birch
A unique scent that taps into the real e..
This fragrance will bring back memories ..
Log Cabin
Tobacco VanillaClassic rounded scent of ..
Lotus Flower
In Eastern cultures, the lotus flower is..
Ocean Breeze Candle Fragrance
Dig your toes into the sand and breathe ..
NEW FORMULATION, you'll love it!Beautifu..
Reformulated for a stronger throw, used ..
Tobacco & Vanilla
Tobacco & Vanilla, mixed to perfecti..
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