Silicon Moulds

Durable silicon moulds, with a high level of detail. Made especially for beeswax, however palm can also be used most successfully.

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Beehive - large 6.5cm
Great in pure beeswax - use small square..
Beehive 4cm
OUT OF STOCK50gm beehive, only 4cm diame..
80gm candle, 65mm diameter, 66mm high. T..
Decorative Column
Stylish column, with a base 6cm, but ave..
Dinner Taper Mould
Try small twisted wick 6 ply - diameter ..
Dinner Taper Mould - 6
Yields 6 candles, 23cm tall with a base ..
This is a very popular design. The candl..
Halloween Pumpkin
70 x 70mm. Try small wick 30 ply. ..
20cm tall, approxiamtely 400gm. Try sma..
Needles for wicking
A great for wicking silicon moulds. ..
Classic pillar, this mould is suitable f..
Pillar with flowers (5.5 x 9cm tall)
55mm diameter by 90mm tall.Try small wic..
Pillar with flowers (6.5 X 9cm tall)
65mm diameter by 90mm tall.Try medium wi..
Pillar with flowers (7 x 7cm tall)
70mm diameter by 70mm tall.Try small wic..
Pillar with Snowflakes (7 x 7cm tall)
Out of stock70mm diameter by 70mm tall.T..
Pillar with string lines
60mm diameter by 140mm tall.Try small wi..
Pot of flowers
Max. width 6cm, and height 5.8cm; 90gm ..
Ribbons and Bows
Beautifully carved candle mould - 7cm ta..
Rose Ball 8.8cm
8.8cm diameter by 7.4cm tall.Try ..
Rose column
Reliable silicon. 80gm, stands 8cm tall ..
Yields a 55gm soap or candles. ..
80 x 55mm diameter by 60mm tall.Try smal..
Skull 130mm
Silicon mould -  candle 160 X ..
Small Heart
80 x 55mm diameter by 60mm tall.Try sm..
Votive Mould
High quality baking silicon. 42mm across..
Wedding Cake
100gm candle, 6cm diameter, 5.5cm high. ..
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