Flame-less fragrancing.

Simply pour 70-80% of your bottle with the Reed Diffuser Base, then the rest with your choice of candle fragrance.

The reed diffuser sticks will draw the mixture to gently fill your space with a delicate aroma.

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Reed Diffuser Kit
Customise our this kit with your choice ..
Tall Diffuser Box
Perfect for those tall reed sticks, alon..
Banksia Scent Pot
very Australian, great as a GIFT, simply..
Reed Diffuser Base
Customise our Unscented base oil with YO..
Black Rattan Sticks
Black Rattan sticks 35cm tall, 3mm wide ..
Wooden Flower - pack of 3
Wooden flowers - great decoration with a..
Natural Rattan Sticks 3mm - for diffusers
Rattan sticks 30cm tall, 3mm wide ..
Natural Rattan Sticks 5mm - for diffusers
Natural Rattan sticks 30cm tall, 5mm wid..
Frosted Diffuser Bottle
Delivered with matt silver lid. Fit..
White Diffuser Bottle
Delivered with shiny silver. Fits j..
Black Diffuser Bottle
Delivered with shiny silver. Fits j..
Diffuser Bottle Topper
In natural timber or black grain (plas..
Diffuser Bottle - clear, square base
200ml Clear glass: 66ml diameter x 75m..
Warning Labels for Diffusers
Glossy white labels, circular 40mm (35 p..
Diffuser Bottle - round
200ml Clear glass; 75mm round base.Tot..
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