Rounded Jars

If you love candle glass that is curvy, this is the group to see.

Pricing for all jars are complete with lids.

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Country  Jar with Cork
Just a bit of country, perfect s..
Country Style Jar
Just a bit of country, perfect s..
Mason Jar
250ml, 90mm tall and wide outside di..
Modern Mason Jar
Neat clean lines.Makes a 200gm c..
Party Jar 110gm
  Makes and 110gm candle;..
Party Jar 200gm
  Makes a 200gm candle. ..
Party Jar 80gm
Makes and 80gm candle. Total heigh..
Preserves Mason Jar
Just a bit of country, "Preserve..
Small Candalina Jar
Height: 6.8cm Width: 5.7cm Volume:..
Squat Candalina Jar
Height: 8.3cm Width: 8.9cm Capacity:..
Squat Mason  Jar
Makes and 180gm candle.Total hei..
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