Making beautiful candles, you can use our classic pillar range. The moulds vary in material from the economic PVC plastics, to pressed aluminium and on to the very intricate silicon moulds. Making candles in moulds, you do need to use strong wax, like paraffin, palm, beeswax or soy for pillars.

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Beehive PVC Mould 10cm
Finished candle weighs 370gm, and stands..
Halloween Pumpkin
70 x 70mm. Try small wick 30 ply. ..
Heart 75mm
Petite heart, 7.5cm tall, 9cm diameter. ..
This is a fabulous new mould, one side h..
Mini Pyramid
Generally this mould is suitable for sma..
Pillar with Snowflakes (7 x 7cm tall)
Out of stock70mm diameter by 70mm tall.T..
Pyramid 4 Sided 17cm
4 SIDED PYRAMID, dimensions: 17cm height..
Pyramid 4 Sided 30cm
4 SIDED PYRAMID, dimensions: 30cm height..
Pyramid with 3 sides 17cm
Dimensions: 17cm height x 11cm baseRecom..
Pyramid with 3 sides 29cm
Dimensions: 29cm height x 12.5cm base&nb..
Star - 6 point tapered
Tin mould stands 150 or 240mm high. Base..
Clam Shells for Melts
Convenient closure for pouring melts, se..
10 moulds per sheet - perfect for soap o..
Small Shells
20 small shells for guest soaps or melts..
Sea Horses
Tiny seahorses, great for guest soaps ..
6 face cavities per mould ..
Round with split
5 moulds per sheet - perfect for meltsAp..
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