Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is well priced for all uses - it is suitable for candle making, surf board wax, hives dipping, crayons, and preservation of metals and timber.

For candles, we recommend mixing 10% wax improver and 1% finishing bead for a more solid, opaque look.

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Paraffin Slabs 50J
White paraffin slabs, melt point 50 degr..
Fusion Soy & Paraffin Blend
Re-inventing para/soy! This smooth and..
FUSION-CLEAR  Soy & Paraffin Blend
"The new  Fusion Clear Wax is the..
Wax Improver
This product is used at 10% for every 1k..
Finishing Beads
Finishing beads retard the burn (slowing..
Paraffin Slabs 60-62
This slab wax is well priced for all u..
Paraffin Slabs 60J
White paraffin slabs, melt point 60 degr..
Paraffin Pillar Mix 1.1kg
The mix is a useful combination, with ..
Paraffin 55J Beads
PRICE INCREASERefined in Japan, this whi..
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