Soy Wax

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EcoSoya Container Blend - Advanced Soy Wax
An advance purchase has been airlifted! ..
EcoSoya Q210 Container Blend
EcoSoya has pioneered a source of ..
EcoSoya Q220 Container Blend
IN STOCKThe Q220 has a slightly hi..
GW464 / C-Soy
BUY 5KG, GET 6; BUY 10KG GET 12KG!!"I've..
NatureWax C3 / UniSoy
C3 Nature Wax is a pure 100% soy wax f..
Fusion Soy & Paraffin Blend
Re-inventing para/soy! This smooth and..
FUSION-CLEAR  Soy & Paraffin Blend
"The new  Fusion Clear Wax is the..
Container Maker
Use our smart soy based formulation to..
A05 Superior CocoSoy Blend
IN STOCK NOWSuperior CocoSoy A05 is firs..
A27 Performance Soy Blend
IN STOCKThe Performance Soy Blend A27 by..
S100 Pure Soy
IN STOCKPure Soy S100 wax is slightly di..
S16 Deluxe Soy
IN STOCKThe result of an intense 3-month..
PB3000 - Soy Wax for pillars and melts
Makes silky smooth candles in a creamy y..
EcoSoya Q230 Pillar Blend Soy Wax
IN STOCKThe re-formulated waxes from NGI..
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